Family Caregiving When You Live Away From Your Loved One

It’s hard enough to be a #familycaregiver, but even harder when doing it from a distance.  This article has practical, commonsense tips for any family caregivers, but goes into a bit about doing it when you don’t live locally to the person

Relieving Stress through Exercise

By Dorcas Greene, MEd & Stacy Hennis, PT, C/NDT We’ve all experienced it – heart racing, muscle tension, irritability.  Perhaps stomach pain or a clenched jaw.  Anxiety goes along with not sleeping at night and feeling tired all the time.  It can lead

A MUST Listen for any Family Caregiver

If you follow our blog, attend our support groups, etc.,  then you’ve heard us discuss the stress on family caregivers.   The following is a clip from a radio interview with Dorcas Greene, Family Caregiver Coach.  Take 8 minutes to listen to