Life Without Limitations

Jimmy Jenson is my newest hero.  Talk about inspiration!  This young man, with the help of a buddy, started exercising and working out.   What makes it so amazing is not that he’s 48 and new to running, but that he’s the

Is Your Exercise Enough? Measure It!

When you are working out, you need to know if you are really working hard or hardly working. If you are exercising with the correct intensity and duration, then you can get the best results out of your exercises. Proper measurement of

Therapy should be fun!

This story is an excellent example of how therapy should be enjoyable!   The man featured in this story is recovering from two strokes.  The dance instructor had both hips replaced.  No matter what your problem is, find a way to continue

Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

A recent study showed how lowering certain risk factors can lower your risk of diabetes.  The best news is that each factor you address, you can lower the risk.  The more you address, the more your risk decreases! The risk factors the study

The importance of goals: To walk down the aisle

As the world tunes in to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine on this date, I was struck by an article about another bride.   Jennifer Darmon married her prince on April 16th.  But it wasn’t smooth sailing