How can Manual Therapy help Back Muscle Spasm at New Beginning Physical Therapy in Palm Desert, CA

Muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction, constant and painful in part or in whole muscle. Back muscles are frequently affected because of their role in maintaining balance. The vast majority of back muscle spasms are a result of a brusque mobilization, forced or

How New Beginning Physical Therapy in Palm Desert, CA assists patients undergoing Joint Replacement Rehab

Most people each year undergo joint replacement surgery whether it’s their hip, knee or shoulder, but what happens next? The recovery and rehabilitation therapy following a joint replacement plays a crucial role in how quickly you can recover from the surgery. A

What is causing your pain? It may be your shoes!

Do you have back or neck pain?  Do your knees hurt?  Do you ever feel that your balance could be better?  This could all be related to improper alignment at your feet! We know the importance of a good foundation in a

Athletes and Injuries

There have been many articles in the news lately about athletes pushing through pain and injury to continue competing in sports.  The old saying of “No Pain, No Gain” is not always appropriate!  Pain is the body’s way of communicating a problem.