How Physical Therapy can Help Neurological Disorders at New Beginning Physical Therapy in Palm Desert, CA

Physical therapy for neurological disorders is a holistic strategy for increasing overall health, and people with neurological conditions can benefit from it too. Neurological impairments can severely impact quality of life for the diagnosed person. As these conditions affect the brain and

How can Manual Therapy help Back Muscle Spasm at New Beginning Physical Therapy in Palm Desert, CA

Muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction, constant and painful in part or in whole muscle. Back muscles are frequently affected because of their role in maintaining balance. The vast majority of back muscle spasms are a result of a brusque mobilization, forced or

BDNF and Exercise for Brain Health

What Is BDNF? Alternatively termed BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factor is an integral protein in human brains that promotes brain health and regulates neuronal development and function. It acts as a fertilizer of the brain’s neurons, making them grow quickly and develop

Life Without Limitations

Jimmy Jenson is my newest hero.  Talk about inspiration!  This young man, with the help of a buddy, started exercising and working out.   What makes it so amazing is not that he’s 48 and new to running, but that he’s the

Relieving Stress through Exercise

By Dorcas Greene, MEd & Stacy Hennis, PT, C/NDT We’ve all experienced it – heart racing, muscle tension, irritability.  Perhaps stomach pain or a clenched jaw.  Anxiety goes along with not sleeping at night and feeling tired all the time.  It can lead