BDNF and Exercise for Brain Health

What Is BDNF? Alternatively termed BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factor is an integral protein in human brains that promotes brain health and regulates neuronal development and function. It acts as a fertilizer of the brain’s neurons, making them grow quickly and develop

Understanding Neuroplasticity

What is Neuroplasticity? Alternatively termed brain plasticity, neuroplasticity is the human brain’s ability to change and continually adapt and develop cognitive abilities including language development. It’s the physiological changes in the brain that occur as we interact with the environment. Research studies

Gabby Giffords – Tenacity and Determination

I, for one, will be watching Monday night to see Gabrielle Giffords interview.  Here is a clip/trailer of the interview to come.  They certainly pegged it right when they said she had tenacity and determination! New Beginning Physical Therapy, Inc. provides the

Therapy should be fun!

This story is an excellent example of how therapy should be enjoyable!   The man featured in this story is recovering from two strokes.  The dance instructor had both hips replaced.  No matter what your problem is, find a way to continue

Random training after stroke

Researchers at the University of Southern California have found that you need to use short term and long term memory in learning new tasks.  Although it is difficult to work on two or more tasks at once, when the brain is required