EVERYONE should do this one thing

It doesn’t matter if you’re healthy, have a medical issue or pain.  Every person can do one thing to help their health.  Our current society is too sedentary.  Our computers, tv’s, work and lifestyle have influenced our posture, mobility and overall health.

Top Thing To Do If You Have Parkinson’s

Remember this if you have Parkinson’s Disease.    ROTATION, ROTATION, ROTATION!!!! Trunk rotation is one of the first things that someone loses when they have Parkinson’s.   It actually is a sign that doctors look at when diagnosing PD.  One of the

Aquatic Therapy and Its Benefits

Physical Therapy has been proven very helpful over the years to a lot of different types of people with different physical conditions. Physical therapy has always been used as a remedy to improve the condition of physically impaired or disabled people. But

Is Your Exercise Enough? Measure It!

When you are working out, you need to know if you are really working hard or hardly working. If you are exercising with the correct intensity and duration, then you can get the best results out of your exercises. Proper measurement of